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Monitors / Gaming Monitor / EL2870U / Review & Recommendations

28-inch 4K HDR 1ms Gaming Monitor | EL2870U

  • 28-inch 4K (UHD) High Resolution

  • HDR Technology (High Dynamic Range)

  • 1ms (GtG) Response Time

Review & Recommendations

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User Experience

"Test guna ps4 slim tak brapa nampak sgt beza .. sbb sebelum ni guna 1080 biasa ips panel.. tp so far so good. Tgah tunggu ps5 utk tengok prestasi debenar monitor. Package ok bubble wrap tebal! Laju! Thanks seller!"


" Its really big and very satisfying. 👌"


"Mantap padu terukkk….. la ni dok tunggu ps5 jaa.. sampai haa tu baru ngam dgn monitor baru ni 🥰🥰🥰"


" s 28 inch Free Sync Eye Care Gaming Monitor Best for PS5, PS4 Pro & Xbox One Barang Sampai Dengan Elok.. Gambar Lawa. Memang Best Guna Untuk Tengok Netflix + Main Game. Thanks Seller."