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What can I do if treVolo U can't pair with a Bluetooth device?

  1. Make sure the LED indicator next to the Bluetooth Connection button is flashing, which means that you device is currently searching for another device to connect with. 
  2. Make sure the device that you wish to connect has its Bluetooth connection function turned on.
  3. Make sure to select 【treVolo U 】as audio output, and make sure they are connected. 
  4. Make sure the connecting device and treVolo U are not located too far away from each other. 
  5. Make sure treVolo U's area is free from any electromagnetic interference.
  6. Switch off all other devices' Bluetooth connection, or if possible, turn them off completely.
  7. Make sure the pairing device supports the A2DP protocol.
  8. Disconnect all cables and connections. Press the switch for 10 seconds, which enables treVolo U to restart and pair up with devices again. 

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