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My projector stops working with an Android error icon screen. How can I fix it?


If you see the Android error icon as the following picture, please follow the steps below to fix it.


1. Please check whether your BenQ Android TV dongle is QS01 or QS02.


2. If the dongle you have is QS01 or the BenQ projector you have is
    W2710i/HT3560i or TK860i, please directly contact BenQ service
    center in your area. If the dongle you have is QS02, please continue
    the following steps.

3. Please remove the QS02 dongle from your projector and check if the
    error remains or not. If it still remains, please directly contact BenQ.
    If it’s gone, please continue the following steps.

4. Put the QS02 dongle back to the projector and turn on the projector

5. Press and hold the button (circled in red) with a paper clip to select and
    operate try again, and release the button once the selection is changed
    from blue to light green to restart QS02 dongle to fix the issue. 


You would feel a click once you press the button.  

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