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How can I connect the projector to public Wi-Fi such as hotels, airports, schools and hospitals?


Please check the photo below, or find the model name of your Android TV stick in your user manual.

  • QS01 Android TV stick:
    It cannot connect to public Wi-Fi.

  • QS02 Android TV stick:
    Please follow the steps below.
    1. Please go to QS02> Settings> Network & Internet>
       Connect to Wi-Fi SSID
    2. After the Wi-Fi SSID is connected successfully, You will see a
        message "Sign in to Wi-Fi network" pop up at the top right corner.
    3. Enter QS02> Notifications> Sign in to the Wi-Fi network at the
        top-right of the Home page, the web page of Wi-Fi certification
        will show up, and enter user name and password

Applicable Models

GV30, TK700STi

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