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Why is my BenQ Android TV remote not working? How can I fix that?



Please check if a red light is flashing by pressing any button on your remote.

STEP 1: check the battery

  • Please check if the battery has been plugged in correctly and make sure the battery is not running low.
  • If the battery is low or out of charge, please replace the battery and ensure the new battery is properly plugged in.
  • If there's no issue with the battery, please proceed to step 2

STEP 2: check pairing

  • Press any button on the remote control and check the light indicator color
  • If the remote flashes blue, please reach out to the BenQ service center in your area for further assistance
  • If the remote flashes red, this indicates that the remote is not connected to Android TV. Please wait for 30 seconds for a push notification to appear and allow you to pair the remote with the projector
  • To pair the remote control, press the "OK" button on the remote control until the light flashes blue. You may refer to this video for more details about remote control pairing: how to pair the BenQ QS01 Android TV stick with its remote

Applicable Models

GV30, TH685i | HDR Console Gaming Home Projector Powered by Android TV , TK700STi

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