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Flickering occurs when Dynamic Iris is enabled on my projector, what can I do to fix it?


Regarding the flickering issue that you observed, we would like to offer some insights with you. The flickering may be observed when playing some media content on your projector with the Dynamic Iris (D.I.) switched on (currently 3 levels are available: low/middle/ high). When the D.I. is enabled, your projector will constantly detect overall brightness of the projection and adjust the projected light simultaneously, to make sure that the dark and light scenes are as vivid and sharp as they can be for the optimal viewing experience. If you find the flickering annoying, we suggest you switch the D.I. off to get rid of the symptom, or adjust the D.I. level to “Low” to improve the symptom, which means the flickering may still occur due to current specs limitation.


If you have any questions, please contact your local BenQ support team for further assistance.

Applicable Models

W2700, W2700i, TK850i

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