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When connecting the monitor with a Mac, why is LBL (low blue light) color mode disabled and greyed out in the OSD menu? How can I switch on?


Please make sure HDR is turned off on your Mac. Starting from MacOS 10.15.4, HDR is automatically activated on your Mac, so the monitor detects HDR and stays in HDR mode, which prevents low blue light activation.

Applicable Models

EW3270U , EW3280U, EX2780Q, EX3203R, EX3501R , SW270C, SW271, SW321C, EL2870U 28 inch 4K 1Ms Gaming Monitor for Console , EW2480, EW2780, EX2510, EX2710 MOBIUZ Gaming 1ms IPS 27 inch 144Hz Monitor, PD2700U, PD3220U, EX2710Q, EX2710R, EW3880R , EX2710S

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