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What is the difference between DisplayHDR and HDR10?


DisplayHDR version 1.0 focuses on liquid crystal displays (LCDs), establishing three distinct levels of HDR system performance to facilitate adoption of HDR throughout the PC market: DisplayHDR 400, DisplayHDR 600, and DisplayHDR 1000. HDR10 refers to a standard adopted widely by most monitor brands, and supports the compressed transmission of HDR video content. Monitors of all levels are required to support the industry standard HDR10 format in order to properly display HDR content.

Applicable Models

EL2870U 28 inch 4K 1Ms Gaming Monitor for Console , EW2780, EW3270U , EW3280U, EX2510 MOBIUZ Gaming IPS 144hz 1ms Monitor, EX2510S, EX2710 MOBIUZ Gaming 1ms IPS 27 inch 144Hz Monitor, EX2710Q, EX2710R, EX2710S , EX2780Q, EX3203R, EX3415R, EX3501R , PD2700U, PD3220U, PD3420Q , SW270C, SW271, SW271C , SW320, SW321C

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