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How to choose your optimized movie mode by reproducing immersive movie theatre for tailored home cinema?


During the transition era from 1080p to 4K HDR, W2700 with CinematicColorTM and HDR-PROTM technology provides the following 4 types of Picture mode in different contents and environments for the audience to enjoy the best theater experience at home.


Reproduce Immersive Movie Theater

Ambient light condition: Controlled dark environment (e.g. Basement or AV room)

• D.Cinema (Dark Cinema) mode: 

1. Best for watching 1080p SDR movies to reproduce 100% Rec.709 color accuracy in comfortable brightness.

2. Wide Color Gamut is set to “On” in default and gray out status.

* Follow DCI standard for SDR movie, W2700 provides 110” at 48 nits (14fL) which is typically used in a controlled dark environment like a movie theater.


• HDR10/HLG mode (Wide Color Gamut enabled): 

1. Best for watching 4K UHD Blu-ray HDR10 or HLG streaming contents (w/ metadata or EOTF info) by BenQ CinematicColor™ DCI-P3 technology to reproduce 95% DCI-P3 color gamut (WCG set to “On” manually) and higher dynamic contrast in comfortable brightness.

2. Picture mode will be switched to HDR10/HLG mode automatically and can’t be changed to other modes while detecting metadata or EOTF info from HDR10/HLG contents. 


• User mode (Wide Color Gamut enabled): 

Lower brightness and higher dark level based 95% DCI-P3 color gamut, designed for 4K SDR contents.

*Based on DCI-P3 color gamut with CinematicColor™ technology, W2700 provides the moderate brightness and that is sufficient in a dark room. Or you can utilize screen gain (1.8~2.0) for 110” projection size to meet HDR standard of 96nits (28fL) formulated by THX.

Picture mode Contents Wide Color Gamut (WCG Filter) Color Gamut Dynamic Iris
Picture mode
D. Cinema mode (Dark Cinema)
1080p movies
Wide Color Gamut (WCG Filter)
On (gray out)
Color Gamut
100% Rec. 709
Dynamic Iris
On (Default)
Picture mode
HDR/HLG mode
4K HDR/HLG movies
Wide Color Gamut (WCG Filter)
Color Gamut
95% DCI-P3
Dynamic Iris
On (Default)

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