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How can I display pictures in 10-bit color?


Please follow below steps to display pictures in 10-bit color:

(1) Ensure RAW/TIF files support 10-bit (30-bit).

(2) Install software that supports 10-bit (30-bit), such as Photoshop or

(3) Install a graphics card that supports 10 bits (30-bit), such as Nvidia Quadro
     or AMD FireGL/Radeon Pro series.

(4) Connect your PC/laptop to the monitor with DisplayPort/HDMI/USB
      TypeC/Thouderbolt3 to display the pictures (Please go to BenQ website
      and download the resolution file of your monitor to select the available

Applicable Models

PD2700Q, PD2700U, PD2705U, PD3200Q , PD3200U, PD3220U, PD3420Q , PV270, PV3200PT, SW240, SW2700PT, SW270C, SW271, SW271C , SW320, SW321C

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