Why does the USB power notice always appear on my monitor when plugging a USB device? How do I get rid of the USB power notice?


Follow the steps below to enable USB power delivery in standby mode to get rid of the notice:


● OSD menu>System>USB-C Awake>ON  (PD3420Q/PD2705Q/PD2705U/PD3205U/SW270C/SW321C/SW271C)


● OSD menu>System>USB Awake>ON  (PD3200U/PD3200Q/PD2700U)


● OSD menu>System>Power Awake> Thunderbolt3 / USB > ON  (PD3220U/PD2720U/PD2725U/PD2506Q)


Note: the monitor is a passive device and won't supply power actively to USB devices except required USB accessories.

Applicable Models

PD3420Q, PD2705U, PD3200U, PD3200Q, PD3220U, SW270C, SW271C , SW321C , PD2700U

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