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What’s the best way to clean, disinfect, and sanitize my monitor?


What can I clean on my monitor?


Avoid ethanol, rubbing alcohol, and bleach. These can leave permanent scars on your screen or, at the very least, ruin the monitor’s lustrous glossy surface or beautiful matte finish.


The best you can hope for here is a good cleaning with a cloth slightly dampened by water only, or ideally a microfiber cloth.


Microfiber cloths do a decent job of manually picking up germs and lifting them away from the screen, and because they’re not abrasive, there’s almost no chance of scuffing or scratching of that lovely glare-free monitor surface.


The slightly damp part works to remove fingerprint smudges without much rubbing and is also effective for dust.


The basic 3 steps for cleaning monitor

1. Unplug the monitor from power


Electronics and fluids don’t mix, and it’s best to not clean an active LCD. The transistors that control each pixel don’t take kindly to pressure while active, so make sure your display is completely powered down.


2. Avoid too much liquid


Use as little liquid as possible, since we know electronics and fluids don’t mix well. Whatever you’re using, even if it’s just regular water, don’t use too much.


3.Apply VERY mild pressure


Don’t press on the screen as you’re wiping it off. It doesn’t matter if you use circular motion, up down, left to right…just don’t press on the screen. Simply allow the cleaning cloth to glide on the monitor. Too much pressure may lead to dead pixels, uniformity issues, dirty screen effects, and even light bleed.

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