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How can I enable FreeSync on a BenQ monitor?


FreeSync is always active on the monitor by default. 

Please toggle FreeSync ON from the graphics card control center. 

Once the monitor receives the FreeSync signal, FreeSync will be activated on the monitor.


To disable FreeSync, please toggle FreeSync OFF from the graphics card control center.

Applicable Models

EX2510, EX2710 MOBIUZ Gaming 1ms IPS 27 inch 144Hz Monitor, EL2870U 28 inch 4K 1Ms Gaming Monitor for Console , EW2480, EW2480, EW3270U , EW3280U , EX2780Q , EX3200R, EX3501R , EX3415R, EX2710Q, EX2710R, EX2710S

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