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What’s the suggested resolution for PBP 5:9 and how to set the correct resolution for PBP 5:9 on your system?


PBP 5:9 provides you with a 16:9 display alongside an extended 5:9 workspace from another input source.

The resolution settings for PBP 5:9 are as follows: 

main screen 2560 x 1440, sub-screen (extended workspace) 880 x 1440.

  • For MacOS: go to Apple menu > System Preferences, click Displays, then in Displays preferences press “Option” and click “Scaled” at the same time to unlock the full resolution list and then choose the corresponding resolution. 
  • For Windows: enter NVIDIA/AMD Control Panel or Intel UHD Graphics Control Center to set the resolution for each screen.

*Please note that whether special timings can be used or not depends on graphics card driver and operating system support.

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