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How to connect my external Bluetooth audio device with the projector? Would there be any audio lag?

Connect your Bluetooth external devices with the projector by following a few easy steps. Please click and follow the instructions below, or read on to learn more about this topic.

1. Make sure the Android TV dongle is installed  

2. Power on the projector  

3. Press the “Setting” button on the remote control or the screen > Remotes & Accessories > Add accessory > Activate Bluetooth-pairing mode and select your Bluetooth devices* on the screen > select “Pair” 

*NOTE: Only one Bluetooth device can be connected at once. If you want to connect to external Bluetooth speakers or headphones, there will be minor audio lag, around 300ms, it's okay for listening to music but may experience minor latency while watching movies. 

Applicable Models

GS2, GV1 | Mini Portable Projector for Movies and Parties, TK700STi, V7050i , GV30, GS50, TK700, X3000i, GV11

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