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Monitors / DesignVue Monitors for Graphic, Web, or Art Design

DesignVue Monitors

Make Inspirations Come Alive

Accurate Color speaks your mind.

let accurate color speak your mind with benq designvue monitors for  graphic web or art design
Industry Standard Gamuts

Access accurate, in-demand color spaces.

Multi-monitor Setup

Increase digital workspace and improve productivity.

Built-in KVM Switch

One Keyboard-Video-Mouse set controls two operating systems.

Thunderbolt 3/USB-C

Seamless, single cable data/video/audio/power delivery for Mac.

benq designvue monitors with mac compatible thunderbolt 3 usb c connectivity offer lightning fast transmission of data audio video and power delivery
Connect with Excellence

Clear your clutter and connect with ease. BenQ DesignVue monitors with Mac-compatible Thunderbolt 3/USB-C connectivity offer lightning-fast transmission of data/audio/video and power delivery.

use one cable to daisy chain your monitors then control 2 operating systems at the same time with the kvm switch
More Productivity.
Less Hassle.

Multitasking just got easier. Use one cable to daisy chain your monitors, then control 2 operating systems at the same time with the KVM switch.

benq color technology and user centric id design empower you to realize all of your creative visions
You Can Trust

Demand superb color accuracy. Your work is worth it.

aqcolor technology comes with industry standard displaying details and out of the box gurantee
DesignVue monitors ambassadors
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Specialized Display Modes to Bring out the Best

Expertise reveals itself with the tools you use.
BenQ’s specialized display modes seize your visions and turn them into reality.

Facilitate Your Creative Process

Enjoy a whole new level of efficiency and productivity while turning creative ideas into realities.


KVM Switch function allows users to control two different systems via one set of keyboard and mouse

Thunderbolt™ 3 /
USB-C Technology

One cable for high-speed video/audio/data transmission and power delivery


Showcase designs in two modes side-by-side on one screen

Hotkey Puck G2

Preferred features as quick access to widely used settings

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