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What are the differences between the BenQ e-Reading desk lamp and the lamp on your desk?

What are the differences between the BenQ e-Reading lamp and the lamp on your desk

A desk lamp is one of the most common household items. When we stay up late for work or leisure, it is an indispensable helper. We may think that a desk lamp is only a bulb placed on a desk or nightstand. The price, brand, and function do not seem all that important as long as it can do its basic task of lighting up a small area. But the reality is quite different. Our way of life continues to change dramatically. We use lots of different devices at all times of the day and night, exposing our eyes to added strain. We rarely read off regular paper anymore as most of the time we’re looking at computer, smartphone, and tablet screens. So obviously the desk lamp needs to evolve to keep up with the times.

Let’s highlight four big ways the BenQ e-Reading desk lamp differs from traditional desk lamps. It’s the first lamp on the market exclusively designed to aid in screen reading, and has a lot of unique features. 

1. Exclusively designed for your computer screen

In the past, we only needed to stare at a book, magazine, or newspaper. An ordinary single-arm type desk lamp could fulfill our needs by illuminating a small area. However, today’s situation is totally different. Work and entertainment areas now include many items. There’s a computer screen, mouse, keyboard, maybe even a TV or game console. Traditional base-and-arm desk lamps simply add to the clutter and by virtue of their design may get in the way. Depending on how you place them, they can block lines of sight and often cause reflections on screens, which stress eyes. What makes the BenQ e-Reading desk lamp different is its unique twin-arm design, which provides you with higher illumination than an ordinary computer screen. Thanks to its special long lamp casing design, the BenQ e-Reading desk lamp generates perfect illumination as needed right in front of the screen. 

What are the differences between the BenQ e-Reading desk lamp and the lamp on your desk?
2. Complete field of vision

Beyond extra height to avoid blocking lines of sight to the screen in front of you, the BenQ e-Reading desk lamp with its unique curved build provides a 1.5 times larger illumination area than a traditional desk lamp. In addition, unlike traditional desk lamps with their single-point illumination, the BenQ e-Reading desk lamp doesn’t cause uneven illumination at different locations. Specifically, the illumination range provided by the BenQ e-Reading desk lamp is about the width of an A4 sheet of paper to each side of a standard QWERTY keyboard, so you get a lot of freedom in where you want to position it. 

3. Creating a perfect brightness ratio with smart light adjustment

The reason why the BenQ e-Reading desk lamp is described as a dedicated design for screen reading is because it solves various problems arising from working simultaneously with a computer screen and adjacent documents on the desk. When we try to illuminate the desktop by using a desk lamp, the light will usually project onto the screen and produce reflections. In the unique screen reading mode of the BenQ e-Reading desk lamp, we can precisely control illumination in the central area through light source zoning control to avoid screen glare, thus allowing the light to illuminate the area you need. Also, the BenQ e-Reading desk lamp is a smart lamp that automatically detects ambient illumination and adjust its output, providing optimal brightness. As such, it eliminates eye fatigue due to reflections and environments that are too dim or overly bright.

What are the differences between the BenQ e-Reading desk lamp and the lamp on your desk?
4. Customizing color temperature

Last but not least, the BenQ e-Reading desk lamp can quickly adjust its brightness and color temperature to match your environment – and your mood. For example, if working before going to bed, you should opt for warmer light as that helps generate melatonin and promotes good sleep. Alternately, if you wish to remain alert tune the BenQ e-Reading desk lamp to cooler colors, as those are known for enhancing focus. You could always set the temperature to 4000 Kelvins, a standard widely recognized as the most comfortable for screen reading for the average person. The BenQ e-Reading desk lamp’s smart features enable auto color temperature and brightness adjustments based on ambient illumination conditions, so you get increased comfort wherever you may be. That’s something an old school desk lamp could never hope to achieve.

What are the differences between the BenQ e-Reading desk lamp and the lamp on your desk?

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