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1. Image Quality

Crisp and clear display, vivid colors, and bold brightness. All of these create better, more detailed big screen enjoyment. Movies, TV shows, gaming, and home videos all come to life with greater clarity and none of the blur or muddiness of lesser portable projectors.

BenQ's portable projectors GV1 and GS2 provide high image quality.

2. Size and Portability

You want portable to mean mobile and versatile, not insignificant. Good portable projectors have some heft, beware pico models that are too small, as those lack features. Quality portable projectors have sleek designs that are good to go, but are built durable and pack a wealth of capabilities.

BenQ's portable projectors GV1 and GS2 have appropriate size and high portability.

3. Wi-fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

One of the best aspects of good portable projectors is that they're smart and reduce wire clutter. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth included, you easily connect them to everything from your games consoles and laptop to smartphone or tablet. This gives you access to virtually unlimited content, shown in big picture format.

BenQ's portable projectors GV1 and GS2 are equipped with wifi and bluetooth connectivity.

4. Brightness

Make sure the portable projector you choose puts out at least 500 lumens. With that kind of projection power, images look bright and clear on nearly every surface whether indoors or outdoors. Of course this applies during evenings and nights, but even in broad daylight, good portable projectors remain visible.

BenQ's portable projectors GV1 and GS2 ensure you with enough brightness.

5. LED Technology

LEDs require less energy and provide longer-lasting product lifespans, sparing users the need to change projection lamps every few years. LED tech also translates into longer battery life for portable projectors and less heat generation, all with equal or better image quality than traditional projection light sources.

BenQ's portable projectors GV1 and GS2 feature LED light source.

6. Durability and Battery Life

Insist on a battery life of at least three hours, which suffices for a good TV show marathon or a very long movie. And since portables tend to venture into the elements, you want designs that take that into account. So water resistance is a good feature to look for, as are drop and shock proofing, additional features covered by quality portable projectors. Better safe than broken!

BenQ's portable projectors GV1 and GS2 have excellent battery life and durability.

7. Image Adjustment and Resolution

The best portable projectors have adjustable hinges and bases that help you quickly and easily change projection angles for the best fit on your surface of choice. No more stacking magazines or looking for rocks to lean the projector against. Plus, as for resolution, even for outdoor use and long distance viewing, you still want to have 720p and higher.

BenQ's portable projectors GV1 and GS2 feature image adjustment and high resolution.

8. Built-in Speaker

Powerful, good quality integrated speakers provide all the sound you need, whether you're in the living room or camping in the great outdoors. With a good speaker you don't need to worry about dragging along extra audio hardware. Additionally, good portable projectors double as standalone Bluetooth speakers for extra utility and enjoyment.

BenQ's portable projectors GV1 and GS2 have built-in speaker.

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