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Go Racing, Go with MOBIUZ!


Want to enjoy the most realistic car racing? Get an authentic racing game and find the monitor cut out for the genre. Let’s also find out which display features make your racing games the most authentic and immersive.

go racing with no tear and stutter with high refresh rate and Freesync technology

High Refresh Rate and FreeSync Technology

Prioritize high refresh rates and AMD FreeSync technology so that any tear and stutter will not impact your razor-thin victories and racing experiences. With high refresh rates and FreeSync, racing becomes that much more swift and clear, leaving your competitors and distractions behind.

enjoy eye comfort and best brightness and contrast with HDRi

HDRi Offers the Best Brightness and Contrast

Different racetracks mean different challenges. No matter what the weather and light conditions, you will get going fast. Leave the visuals to BenQ Game HDRi, as it auto-adjusts on-screen brightness and contrast, placing you in a highly realistic racing scene. Whether it’s exceptionally bright or pitch dark, your eyes will always feel comfortable and get clear views as HDRi does its work for you.

Catch Every Detail with Light Tuner

If you need to fine-tune light conditions for more detail, turn to Light Tuner for tweaking. Whether you’re speeding up to a corner facing the bright sun or drive in the night, Light Tuner has 20 settings, allowing you to find the best setting for every detail under various light variations.

Hear Revving Engines and Screeching Tires

The best gaming experience involves not just visuals but all your senses. BenQ MOBIUZ gaming monitors are equipped with premium speakers to engage you in high speed racing on the audio front. Hear everything from engines to tires and spectators and enjoy the driving sensation all the way toward the finish line.

Every time you race on a MOBIUZ gaming monitor, you find that it brings out the most detail for each experience. Race with all your senses on BenQ MOBIUZ gaming monitors.

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