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Empower the Traditional School’s PA System with X-Sign Broadcast


X-Sign Broadcast is the new way to broadcast. This new technology powered by BenQ is modernizing the traditional PA system in schools. It comes with many features that improve its ease of use and functionality and can be a great add-on to the already existing PA system. The ability to communicate to the school community regarding events, emergency broadcasts and more has never been easier. Read on to understand why you should consider implementing the X-Sign Broadcast system into your school today.

Limitations of a traditional PA system

While the PA system has served us well over the years, it isn’t perfect. While it certainly does its job of getting messages out to the entire school, it comes with some limitations.

The PA system only allows for audio and voice communications, so administrators are unable to share video and graphics with teachers or the student body. The PA system is also pretty complex - if the operator is unfamiliar with the system, it can be very difficult to manage and control. Finally, the PA system can not control who the messages are sent to, but instead sends every message automatically to the entire school. This can be inconvenient when an administrator has a message that does not apply to the entire school.

What are some key functions of the X-Sign Broadcast?

The X-Sign Broadcast has a lot of great features that make it easy to use and a great complementary tool to the traditional PA system. What is it exactly about these features that make it so special? We lay it out for you here:

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1. Web-based broadcast system

This broadcast system is able to send instant or scheduled messages to selective or all classrooms on campus with the ClassroomCare IFP. This extends to text, audio, video and MS Office files - including those saved in Cloud Storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and its own Network Folder.

he web-based X-Sign Broadcast allows users to schedule messages or content delivery using any computer, smartphone or tablet. The system is great for schools with multiple buildings on campus, or even multiple campuses. This helps educators to create a next-generation smart campus that is more productive, efficient and competitive than those using legacy PA systems.

2. Instant and scheduled broadcasting

The X-Sign Broadcast system is able to send instant messages to classrooms in case of emergencies or sudden announcements. These messages can interrupt a teacher’s lesson and show up on their ClassroomCare screen. There is also the option for scheduled broadcasts for less urgent matters. Perhaps there is a school event coming up later in the week - you can schedule a notice to go out at the end of the day for the week leading up to the event, without having to worry about reminding students and teachers each day.

3. Group message broadcasting

Through the group message broadcasting, various message content such as tutorial videos or assignments can be set up and pushed to different BenQ IFPs - whether it’s one, a selected group or all sets in a campus (or even a group of campuses). This feature is perfect for tailored school messages for different class years or for individual teachers to send a variety of subject and level-dependent learning materials to different classrooms. X-Sign Broadcast’s live-streaming function is ideal for special events and speeches from the principal. There is both a free and premium version available, allowing for schools who need it to get more out of the system.

4. Auto wakeup function

In the case that a notification is sent out to an idle ClassroomCare screen, the X-Sign Broadcast utilises its auto wakeup function, allowing it to display messages even on screens that are not currently in use.

X-Sign Broadcast’s key applications

There are a lot of different applications that the X-Sign Broadcast can be used for that can’t be done by a traditional PA system. These include:

1. Web-based broadcast system

● School event/news/reminder messages
● Safety notifications
● Educational videos
● Broadcast of the National Anthem
● Music presentations

Where has it been used successfully?

Two specific examples of successful use of the X-Sign Broadcast are at the Coomera Anglican College and The English College School, Dubai. Both of these schools have utilised BenQ’s technologies to better their learning environment and provide their teachers and students with an easier form of communication.

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