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What You Need to Know about Wireless Solution for Business Meeting rooms and Home Entertainment?


With so many mobile devices in our daily lives, business professionals find it convenient to project from smartphones, tablets or laptops in meetings. Many streaming users are used to binge watching with smartphones or tablets. However, screen sizes are limited. It’s not only exhausting to your eyes, details are often overlooked in a glimpse.

Wireless solution is not difficult. All you need to do is be sure of what you need first. Our suggestion is to distinguish based on your devices and intended use:

  Business meeting room
Business meeting room

Wireless presentation in meeting room



Binge watching wirelessly on super large displays

Recommendation:QP20Portable Projector GV1



Business meeting room

Wireless presentation in meeting room



Wireless projection on television is simple:



 Interactive Flat Panel(Interactive-Whiteboard)

Business meeting room

What is wireless solution for interactive-whiteboard?



Easy Wireless Solution in Meeting Room
Common issues with traditional projectors in meetings:

1.Several presentations in a row: It usually requires one participant to compile all files to run on one computer, but different formats sometimes conflict.

2.Common scenarios in traditional meetings: Everything is delayed when each person takes turns to connect his/her laptop and switch seats to present.

3.Frequent plug in/out leads to bad connections at VGA or HDMI ports. If projectors are hung on ceiling, changing cables can be troublesome.

Common issues with traditional wireless projectors in meetings:

1.Reset networks in each new meeting room, and the process is confusing.

2.Systems and interfaces for each brand are designed differently, and it’s exhausting for IT staff.

3.Software installation is needed, and IT staff may restrict certain employees from installation.

4.Laptops need to open software with USB, but USB ports are restricted due to security concerns.

5.Due to security concerns, visitors cannot access intranet.

Due to the previous issues, the top three wireless facilities for enterprises would be laptops, smartphones and tablets.
BenQ offers corresponding products for different scenarios and head counts based on user experiences:

InstaShow WDC10 Wireless presentation device

•Plug and play without software installation or network setting

•Wireless videos streaming in Full HD resolution

•Simple pairing for up to 16 presenters, and switch in one click

•Compatibility on any facilities with HDMI ports, including projectors, computer screens, televisions, and commercial displays

QCast Mirror QP20 HDMI Wireless dongle

•Drivers or apps free, compatible with iOS and Android systems

•Free from network setting

•Wireless video streaming in Full HD resolution

•Compatibility on any facilities with HDMI ports, including projectors, computer screens, televisions, and commercial displays

Wireless Solution for Interactive-Whiteboard

Having BenQ Interactive Flat Panel (Interactive-Whiteboard) with exclusive InstaShare software, enables up to 16-20 devices connecting to the same network. In addition, InstaShare runs two-way mirroring between IFP and mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, without the need for video cables interconnecting the devices. You can also mirror and control all digital content across the devices. Furthermore, InstaShare is seamlessly compatible with multiple operating systems on various kinds of devices, including Windows, Chrome OS, macOS, iOS and Android.

Simple Wireless Solution for Binge Watching at Home

Creating big screen cinema is easy with BenQ QCast Mirror QP20. All you need to do is plug it into HDMI and USB to turn any projector or display into a wireless screen. Not only displays any photo, document, or Full HD video shown on mobile devices or laptops, but also delivers wireless big-screen experiences at home without setup downtime.

Enjoy wire-free fun at Home with GV1 Portable Projector

Portable projectors can easily transform anyplace at home into a cinema. At merely 708 grams in weight, LED wireless portable projector GV1 supports iOS/Android smartphones or laptops. Even without wireless networks, online streaming is still possible with 4G connectivity. Three-hour battery life empowers mobile cinema anytime, anywhere.

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