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Why BenQ Monitors are Perfect for Mac® Devices



BenQ produces a whole range of monitors that are optimized for Mac devices, whether laptop or desktop. This refers to meticulously-calibrated panels and the most accurate image reproduction you can get for your Mac-based workflow and general use. This especially applies to working on multiple screens, with BenQ delivering unmatched consistency between your MacBook® display and the image shown on the monitor, thanks to our M-book mode in particular.


When we discuss BenQ monitors for Mac users we primarily mean the PD3220U, the PD2725U (both 4K), and the ultrawide 1440p/QHD PD3420Q. All of them belong to the same series and deliver on our intentional design creed of catering to Mac-based image professionals and users in general. 


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Thunderbolt and Power Delivery

Mac laptops and desktops have gradually removed ports like USB-A, HDMI, and DisplayPort in favor of USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 3. One of the downsides is that adapters are commonly needed to connect HDMI or DisplayPort monitors, but on the other hand, this move brings the powerful simplicity of Thunderbolt to your devices. BenQ monitors have support for Thunderbolt 3 and DisplayPort alt mode over USB-C, allowing you to connect your monitor directly to your Mac device, with no adapters needed. Additionally, BenQ monitors for Mac devices have two Thunderbolt 3 ports to take advantage of daisy chain technology. With Thunderbolt, you can easily have superfast storage devices, audio capture devices, and even multiple monitors connected in daisy chain while only using one Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C port on your computer.


Another benefit of using USB-C connectivity instead of more traditional HDMI or DisplayPort is the USB Power Delivery protocol. It allows USB-C devices to provide up to 100 watts of power through one cable. BenQ’s Mac-focused monitors incorporate power delivery functionality to make sure your Mac laptop is charged and powered without taking up additional ports. Keeping a cable clutter-free workspace has never been easier.


To cover your diverse connectivity needs, BenQ monitors for Mac users go beyond Thunderbolt to encompass HDMI, DisplayPort, and several USB connectors. That allows you to boost your work efficiency and extend the usability of your monitor with quite extensive connectivity.


Color Made for Mac Devices

BenQ monitors for Mac devices are known for their astounding color performance, and so they’re a great match for Mac devices, a platform that also places much importance on image quality and color fidelity. Since 2015, Macs use the P3 color gamut as their default, moving away from the more basic sRGB. BenQ monitors for Mac devices have at least 95% coverage of the P3 color gamut, and can display over 1 billion shades and hues. 


For an even better match, we created M-book mode, which reproduces images from your Mac screen on the bigger monitor. By selecting the M-book color mode, you get colors that on the monitor perfectly match your Mac laptop screen, so you can use both displays side-by-side without any color differences.


Your Mac device will feel at home when connected to a BenQ monitor, showing the same range of colors and the same level of visual clarity you’ve grown to expect on both screens.

Color Consistency for More Accurate Creative Workflows

We offer a feature called ICCsync, so that even if you don’t manually align ICC profiles when switching applications, the syncing can be done in seconds for you. ICCsync auto-matches and auto-synchronizes profiles on the monitor across applications and programs, but also when switching from a MacBook or other Mac device to the larger BenQ display. With this auto-assured ICC profile syncing, you save time and increase image accuracy. 

Beautiful Industrial Design

BenQ monitors for Mac devices aren’t just smart, they’re also beautiful. One quick look and you will be immediately enamored. The materials used in this line of monitors give them a professional and premium character. The metal used in the height-adjustable stand matches the finish of your Mac laptop, an intentional design and material research decision. Monitor design language makes it easy for the larger displays to blend in any Mac user’s work space.


With our monitors, beauty meets function. Their stunning screens are unencumbered by intrusive bezels. It’s easy to place two monitors side by side for an extended desktop experience with minimum wasted space. Even the base of the monitor doubles as a keyboard or laptop rest. All these small design decisions create a more beautiful, functional, and powerful Mac monitor.

Designed for User Comfort

BenQ monitors for Mac users go the distance with an advanced stand that allows you to carefully customize monitor placement, while the stand looks great and also blends in Mac environments seamlessly. Find the ideal monitor viewing experience with tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment. Regardless of what you’re working on, having just the right angle and placement for your monitor increases comfort, encourages productivity, and reduces the likelihood of discomfort like eye strain or a sore neck. 


To summarize, BenQ monitors use a single cable to deliver up to 4K video to the monitor in addition to audio, data, and power, while Thunderbolt 3 daisy chain technology provides sufficient bandwidth for additional high performance devices when connected serially.


Our monitors for Mac devices almost perfectly recreate images from your Mac screen on the bigger monitorMeanwhile, ICCsync speeds up your work and increases its accuracy with auto color profile syncing. Their design complements your working space.


Not only do BenQ monitors fit beautifully with your Mac design, they offer superb comfort and flexibility thanks to their highly adjustable stand. We could go on, but no need to elaborate too much as we think it’s quite clear select BenQ monitors are perfect Mac display companions.

Mac® and MacBook® are trademarks of Apple Inc.

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