Bunan Junior High School Enhances Learning with BenQ Board
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  • 2021-12-23

At Bunan Junior High School, the educational goal is to cultivate the spirits and minds of students to foster a strong sense of humanity and intellect capability to become global leaders. To achieve this, the first and foremost thing is to embrace a “spirit of innovation” and provides students with a progressive education. After adapting to digital textbooks and smart tablets, the school has chosen BenQ Board interactive displays in its daily teaching environment.


Outdated Audio Visual Equipment

Previously the school used an old projector with a touch module to create a collaborative learning environment. However, the colour of the images and videos of the materials appeared darker, and students couldn't see the content clearly. Therefore, the school decided to replace the old projector with a smart, digital interactive display that solved the problem.


Remote learning in response to the pandemic

The school found the two-way mirroring and two-way touch helped the students learn online during the pandemic. The BenQ Board has delivered effective performance by no other company. The school felt that the two-way sharing of what the teachers and students wrote in real time was a useful feature for class engagement because everyone was not physically in the same classroom. 


Effective and efficient teaching

After the installation of  BenQ interactive displays, students mentioned that It became very easy to see the materials clearly, while the sound performance of BenQ Board was also satisfying. The high-quality screen and speakers improved the comprehension of teaching topics. Compared to the old projector which required a darker environment in the classroom,  displaying contents onto a digital whiteboard provides better image quality. Teachers no long need to do the hassle of turning the lights off and on. It also improved the class efficiency.

Convenient annotation

Both the teachers and students liked the convenience of using the easy, intuitive whiteboarding tools on BenQ Board. They could display teaching materials, images and videos, or write and draw directly on the digital whiteboard.

Compatibility with iPads

Mr. Tsuka, science teacher in the Bunan Junior High School, said he really enjoyed the benefits of sharing contents wirelessly from his iPad to a BenQ Board. Because all teachers and students use an iPad in the school, it is convenient to share the iPad screen to BenQ interactive displays instantly with no lag.


Teachers' Feedbacks on BenQ Board

Visual teaching methods

With BenQ Board, teachers can easily use PowerPoint slides and display the contents on a large-format screen. In science class, teachers could play videos, showing instructions on how to use the laboratory equipment, or help students understand the living creatures in the forests. It became complimentary with the digital textbooks that students read. 

Mr. Akihiro Tsuka – Science Department

Antibacterial screen helps prevent the disease

In the classroom, teachers always encourage students to come forward and write on the interactive display to explain what they have learned. Since everyone touches the same screen, the antibacterial glass is very useful as a protection against the pandemic.

Interactive displays benefit educational facilities

Mr. Tsuka said that Interactive displays saved the hassle of printing materials out, and improved the way teachers work at schools. In order to embrace the digital world in the future, Mr. Tsuka recommended everyone in the education sector to use an interactive display.

Simple and easy to use

Today’s children are accustomed to ICT equipment such as smart devices or digital tools. Mr. Tsuka said the intuitive, easy-to-use interface of BenQ Board was very easy to learn and could serve as a good example of what will be needed in the future.

Promoting active learning

Another student mentioned that BenQ Board allowed her to learn actively and made her feel more engaged in the class. Teachers always encourage the students to write and share opinions on the large screen, so everyone in the class could see it. She said she really enjoyed using BenQ Board to improve the aspects of learning.

Advice for those who consider an interactive display

BenQ Board interactive displays were designed for intuitive use and ease of understanding, said Mr. Shinohana, ICT manager in the Bunan Junior High School. He said no matter what the teaching subject was, BenQ Board enabled to conduct a hassle-free class. For example, the lucky draw tool is an interesting feature that no other companies can offer. Another advantage is the full after-sale service from BenQ. He was impressed that the Support Centre responded attentively whenever he had a problem.

Mr. Yasushi Shinohana – ICT Manager

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