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The Nair Family Installs BenQ Smart Projector to Upgrade Their Work Style, e-Learning, and Entertainment From Home

2020-11-20 by BenQ

About Nair's Family

Meena & Renjith are a young working couple residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with two young kids aged 8yrs & 3yrs. They too were in a dilemma on how to effectively engage the kids during the pandemic period and maintain an adequate level of education and work.

They were especially concerned about the lack of physical activities while staying home, the increased screen time causing excess eye fatigue.

In their search for a different audio-visual solution for their children, Meena and Renjith came across BenQ’s all-in-one smart projector that seemed to offer tons of benefits over a regular television that they were looking for. They decided to install one, and it turned out to be one of the most constructive, healthy and convenience-oriented decisions they’ve made during the pandemic.

The right solution for the kids’ education and extracurricular activities

Smart projector used at home for remote education
Smart projector used at home for children's extracurricular activities

Meena and Renjith Nair were getting seriously worried for their children, and getting a little frustrated too. With online classes and online or app-based games, their little boys were spending way too much time looking at screens that were affecting their vision, mood, and posture. Moreover, this stay-at-home period during COVID-19 was making things a little tricky with just one television to share amongst 4 people with varied entertainment needs. They wanted to get a separate TV for the kids so that they would get off phones and tablets, and also so that they would let them enjoy their well-deserved entertainment time in peace.

BenQ’s advanced Smart Projector EH600 has proven to be an ideal ally for Renjith, Meena, and both the boys, especially during the pandemic. In Meena’s words, the projector has turned out to be a saviour for them. The kids can now play their games on a bigger screen without her having to worry about their eye health. They find their online classes to be more immersive and seem to have better clarity of topics while they attend their school lessons from home.

E-learning has become much more productive and convenient with the smart projector, and the parents are relieved that their children are not complaining about issues like back-ache and dark-circles that they were when they had to watch 8-10 hours of classes on a laptop.

Added features for a superior work from home experience

“With the ongoing work from home scenario and video conferencing, it's never been easier than with the Smart Projector [...] I'm connected with all my colleagues from all around the world."

Renjith N. (Father)

The BenQ projector has transformed a whole bunch of things in the Nair household, including the way they work :

  • For Renjith, he can simply plug-in his webcam and participate in virtual meetings super conveniently without having to set them up on a PC.
  • Direct USB reading on BenQ’s (insert model number) supports more formats than other wireless projectors for video, audio and documents and turned out to be quite handy for when Renjith has video conference.
  • The Account Management System (AMS) allows Renjith and Meena to access and manage their files.
  • Android Apps on the projector like Firefox, TeamViewer, Blizz, WPS and useful BenQ exclusive apps make for effortless meetings and remote learning. One can always download more Android-based applications based on their needs and preferences.
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