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DuoBoard Corporate Interactive Flat Panel

Effective collaboration is critical to business growth, and innovative

technology is key to enabling collaboration.

BenQ DuoBoard interactive flat panel seamlessly integrates collabora-

tion concepts and technology to enable Collaboration+. DuoBoard

doubles as a powerful digital whiteboard and conferencing system,

which makes it the ideal collaboration solution for teams of any size.

Why Organizations Today Need Productive Video Conferencing
Transform conference rooms into fully collaborative environments

Collaboration beyond the digital whiteboard

BenQ DuoBoard is purpose-built for fostering extended collaboration,

aiding your team in taking their creative ideas from the whiteboard

screen into reality.


6 Ways to Foster Productive Collaboration in the Workplace

Collaborative video conferencing with an all-in-one display

BenQ Duoboard revolutionizes the way you work by integrating key

requirements for team collaboration and video conference into a

single, all-in-one display.


6 Ways to Make Your Video Conferences More Productive
Unleash your creativity for infinite possibilities

Duo Windows: effortless multitasking

Users can open two applications simultaneously to complete multiple

tasks at once, such as comparing documents side-by-side, taking meeting

notes during a video conference, internet search for information or

images while brainstorming, and much more.


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Duo OS: cross-form compatibility

Duo OS achieves cross-plaftform compatibility between Android, iOS, macOs and Windows OS, allowing users to easily open switch between two systems for better collaboration. For example, users can open an Adobe Illustrator file from their device and discuss and edit it with BenQ's proprietary EZWrite software at the same time.


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Duo Boards: extended collaboration

Combine two DuoBoards and seamlessly extend the collaboration space to develop borderless ideas. Work simultaneously on EZWrite to accomplish complicated team tasks such as creating project strategies, floor plans, or mind maps. Effortlessly share files saved on one DuoBoard to another. 


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