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What is uniformity technology?


The reason why nonuniformity occurs on a screen is the unevenness of certain physical elements in the panel, which cause brightness or color inconsistencies at different parts of the panel. These include unevenness of the backlight or the unevenness of the light guide module. When this happens, manufacturers can compensate for the unevenness to improve uniformity of the screen. If the screen brightness or color saturation is not uniform, it can be calibrated to adjust and correct screen uniformity

BenQ Uniformity Technology offers screen-wide precision from corner to corner with fine-tuned color and brightness on hundreds of sub-regions across the screen. This uniformity is created using high precision technology to make sure you see every scene with persistent authenticity and impeccable image fidelity.

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Applicable Models

SW321C, SW271C, SW2700PT, SW270C, SW271, SW240, PV3200PT, PV270, PD2725U, PD2705U, PD3205U, PD2506Q, PD2705UA, PD3205UA

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