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Projectors / Portable Projector / GS2 / Video

Wireless Portable HD Projector for Family Entertainment | GS2

  • 500lm HD smart projector built with family in mind - Splash-proof, Drop-proof, Eye-Protection Sensor and Parental Timer for worry-free enjoyment anywhere

  • Bluetooth speaker & Built-in Aptoide TV Apps

  • Wireless cast, HDMI, USB Type-C and USB-A connectivity options


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Intro/ Basic Set up

Introduction & Setup Wizard

Wi-Fi Setting

O-T-A System Update

Parental Control Setting


Wireless Projection for iOS & macOS®

Iphone Devices / Wi-Fi Hotspot to GS2

Wi-Fi Hotspot to GS2 (iPhone)


Wireless Projection for Android™


Wireless Projection for PC


Wired Connections


Bluetooth Connections

Remote Control

BenQ Smart Control App

Smart TV Apps for Video Streaming

Install the apps from Aptoide TV app market