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Digital Eye Strain
Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is also known as CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome). It’s the collection of ailments that stem from extended digital screen usage. There’s a good chance you’ve experienced some of them:

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Things should be avoided for your eye health
BenQ Eye Care Technologies
Brightness Intelligence Plus

B.I. Tech is BenQ's exclusively smart feature. Through the light sensor, It can adjust the brightness and color temperature automatically according to the ambient light.

Low Blue Light Technology

The blue light emitted from digital devices can lower the production of melatonin. This disrupts sleep quality, which is closely related to learning efficiency the next day.

Flicker-Free Technology

Screen flickering can put extra stress on our eyes, especially laptop screens, causing excessive blinking and frequent rubbing of the eyes.

Color Weakness Mode

For children who like creating art, color weakness might likely affect their color recognition and interest in art learning.

All Series BenQ Eye Care Monitor
Gaming Monitor|MOBIUZ EX Series

BenQ EX series supports at least 144 Hz refresh rate, low input lag and BenQ unique Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology (B.I.+ Tech), HDRi Technology can intelligently enhance HDR performance!

Entertainment Monitor | EW series

Equipped with proprietary HDRi tech supported by Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology (B.I.+ Tech) and superior speakers with true sound quality to deliver utmost immersive experience for binge-watcher.

Eye Care Monitor for Students

BenQ Eye-care monitor and ScreenBar are the best combo for students in digital learning. Eye-care technologies and ergonomic design takes care of students’ eye health as well as their bone development.

Work From Home with Higher Productivity

BenQ eye-care monitor with ScreenBar is the best home office setup to keep you staying productive while keeping your eyes healthy for extended period time of usage at home.

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