How Wireless Screen Sharing is Helping Teachers with Project Based Learning?
  • BenQ
  • 2020-04-23

The importance of screen sharing in the classroom

Screen sharing in the classroom is a modern development that enhances PBL so students can collaborate on projects, making it easy to share findings with classmates during discussion sessions. Screensharing is currently a popular trend that enhances the connection between students and teachers. However, traditional screensharing has many limitations as it often has many compatibility issues between devices. In terms of collaboration, students can work on group activities during class meetings and even outside of class, according to NYU.

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20-BenQ-01 Feature Images Apr

InstaShare : a new wireless screen sharing technology

Instashare is a revolutionary screen sharing technology that provides the capability for wireless presentations and effortless collaboration. With the capacity of screen mirroring on up to four different screens across 16 different devices, Instashare allows students to use their own devices to cast the teacher’s board onto their own screens with only one click.

Compatible with multiple platforms

Instashare can be installed across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows OS. Since content can be distributed between personal devices, students can share from their laptops, smartphones and tablets and send it through to the ClassroomCare® Interactive Flat Panel (IFP). The ability to circulate content from personal devices has paved the way for a new trend in many schools: BYOD, or bring your own device. This growing trend is usually seen in schools that don’t necessarily have the budget to purchase all of these new devices at once, so it allows students to bring their own devices to build a more collaborative classroom.

Wireless screen sharing with one click

Along with this sharing capability, teachers are also able to wirelessly send content to students’ devices. If a teacher is giving a lesson and annotating or writing on their personal device or IFP, their annotations can simultaneously be seen on the students’ devices - all wirelessly connected.


InstaShare is able to revolutionise the PBL process in a way that normal screen sharing devices cannot.

Touchback between both panels and devices

InstaShare is special because it allows for content to be shared with just one click. Teachers can share a new lesson or assignment with students in a way that is easier than any previously available method. Students can also share their work with their classmates with the touch of a button. Both group and individual presentations can be managed on personal devices and shared onto the ClassroomCare® IFP when it’s time to present to the class.


Teachers are able to give instant feedback to students on their work, sending their annotations and notes directly to their personal devices. Teachers can also easily give students in-class tests, or show them videos directly on their personal devices.


Learn more about Instashare here.