5 AI Apps to Transform Your Lessons on the BenQ Board
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  • 2023-11-22

Schools are increasingly adopting AI tools and resources to enhance student learning. EDLA BenQ Boards, equipped with Google Play and Google’s core applications, enable you to install your preferred AI education apps directly on the board. Plus, the boards grant easy access to web-based AI platforms. This facilitates diverse learning approaches such as AI critiquing, tailored feedback, and streamlined lesson creation. This article explores five such methods of leveraging AI in the classroom:

1. Get creative with chatbots

Large language model (LLM) AI chatbots are finding their way into many schools,1 and teachers and students are getting inventive with this new tool. For example, some math teachers have used chatbots to generate math-themed rap songs that students perform in class competitions. English teachers are having students critique AI-generated essays. Some have even used chatbots to translate Shakespeare into modern English, allowing students to understand it more easily so they can focus on discussions about the text’s themes in class.2

Teachers are finding creative uses for AI chatbots in class, such as having students critique AI-generated essays.

The most well-known chatbot, ChatGPT, is available as an app on the BenQ Board from Google Play. In addition, you can easily download Perplexity from Google Play and access Bard and Claude 2 from the web browser on the board.

2. Simplify lesson planning 

Lesson planning is a time-consuming task, second only to teaching itself.3 However, with an AI-powered interactive presentation app such as Curipod works seamlessly on BenQ Boards, you can create engaging lessons in minutes. 

Curipod uses AI to generate an entire lesson with interactive content, such as word clouds, open-ended questions for group discussions, polls, drawings, and Q&A slides. Or, if you have an existing slide deck, simply upload it to Curipod and it can add interactive elements to your slides.

You can then easily share these interactive lessons with students with a QR code in class. Curipod will then give you the personalized AI-generated feedback for students on their answers. You can review the feedback and edit it  first to ensure its accuracy before sending it to students.

Curipod is an AI-powered slide presentation tool designed for education that can create entire lessons with engaging activities or enhance your existing slides.

3. Create custom quizzes faster than ever

Gamification can improve student motivation, in some cases by up to 25 percent.4 One of the top gamification platforms is Kahoot!, which uses quizzes to keep students engaged. You can access more than 30 million public quizzes, or "kahoots," on the platform or create ones yourself, but what if you need help coming up with questions and answers? That’s where Kahoot!'s AI question generator comes in.

By simply picking a topic in Kahoot! and selecting the question generator, you can start crafting an AI-enhanced kahoot. Or, you can use the AI question generator while working on an existing kahoot. You can then change the form of questions to multiple choice, true or false, written answers, puzzles, and more.

You can use the BenQ Board to display and moderate kahoots in class while students use their individual devices to answer the quizzes. Correct answers will then be shown on the board for the class to see.

Kahoot!, the popular gamified quiz app, now has a built-in AI question generator that can be used to quickly and easily create questions.

4. Make classroom management fun

Getting a handle on a classroom is one of the most difficult challenges for teachers.5 Classcraft is an AI-enhanced gamified classroom management system that uses role-playing game elements to engage students and motivate them to behave appropriately.

Students create characters and earn points by completing tasks set up by the teacher, such as doing extra practice problems, keeping class noise down, or collaborating in teams. Points can be exchanged for tangible rewards in the real world, such as the opportunity to enjoy a break or indulge in a snack. By completing tasks, students progress through a fantasy world and its story’s chapters.

The program provides teachers and administrators with data on how classes are progressing, and makes AI-powered suggestions on how students can improve if they’re having difficulty accomplishing tasks. 

Teachers can display ClassCraft on the BenQ Board in class so students can all easily see where their characters are on their quest, as well as to introduce new chapters in the storyline.

5. Personalize language learning

Language learning relies on regular practice and feedback to correct mistakes. Duolingo has become highly popular in schools and uses AI to personalize lessons by tailoring feedback and activities to each student’s level. As a gamified app, it also attempts to make language practice fun and rewards users for using the app daily.

Duolingo creates a profile for each user and uses machine learning and LLMs to identify common mistakes. Duolingo’s AI system then attempts to make predictions about a student’s learning journey to craft individualized lessons for them.

You can use Duolingo for a warm up and cool down during the first and last five minutes of class. Begin class by displaying Duolingo on the board and create a goal for students to reach during the lesson, and at the end of class review to see if they accomplished it. You can also split students into groups at the beginning of the class and have them compete in timed challenges displayed on the board to see which group can gain the most XP in Duolingo. Along the way they’ll receive their personalized content to help them grow as learners.

In addition to language learning, Duolingo Math is also available for students to strengthen their elementary math skills.

Enriching education with AI and BenQ Boards

With EDLA BenQ Boards, you can install their preferred AI education apps directly on the board and get easy access to AI web apps. Doing so gives you access to a wealth of AI tools that you can use to revamp your lessons, from AI critiquing to quick material generation, better classroom management, and personalized lessons. As more AI tools become available, we’re likely to see even more creative ways to incorporate AI into the classroom.

Want to enhance your lessons with BenQ Boards and their AI tools? Get started by talking to one of our experts.


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