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HDR Console Gaming Projector with 3500 lm | TH685

  • 8.3ms@120Hz Low Input Lag for Real-Time Gaming Excitement

  • 1080p HDR Enabled with 4K Compatibility

  • Exclusive Game Mode & Game Sound Mode for Superb Audiovisuals



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  • YouTube Reviews

Dawid Does Tech Stuff's Review

“When you have the really flat gaming profile on the projector, it looks amazing and so responsive.”

The Night Sky Prince's Review

“It also has high brightness at 3,500lm making your content look great event in bright rooms.”

It Came Form A Box

“It produces some beautiful and punchy colors that look incredible.”

caitlinV3's Review

“The setting was super easy like I didn’t have to change anything.”

JoelsterG4K's Review

“I love this projector because it has so many customization options.”