Is the projector able to play Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, etc. from mobile device through screen mirroring?


Please note that watching online streaming content like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+ from mobile devices with a BenQ projector is not a viable option at this moment. This is due to their subscription-based business model with license and copyright concerns. As an alternative, here are a couple of ways you can stream these services with the BenQ projector you purchased:


  • Smart projector

(1) Through streaming apps downloaded directly from the Aptoide TV app marketplace (this is preloaded on the projector) as the following steps


Upgrade system firmware of your projector when being connected to the Internet: 

Settings >> About >> System Update


Click 'Aptoide' icon to enter Aptoide TV app store and click Netflix app as the following shown


Click 'Other Versions'


Scroll down the screen and select Netflix version 4.16.1 


Click “Install” to install Netflix.


Click “Cancel” to reject update


Process complete

(2) Screen mirroring the content to the projector via wireless projection in the Google Chrome browser.


For more details, please visit:

  • General projector


(1) Through HDMI or USB Type-C by streaming content on the projector from media devices like PC, set-top boxes, and game consoles.

(2) Through Google Chromecast by streaming content on the projector from mobile device.


*Apps provided and operated by parties external to BenQ. Service quality and technical support subject to their respective app publishers. Apps shown for reference and demonstration purposes only.

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