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Indulge in the Video Performance of Highest Clarity and Amazing Details
Hyper-Realistic Video Quality with HDR

Featuring HDR technology in a video enjoyment monitor, BenQ E series offers greater brightness and contrast range and brings out every detail in the video content for your video enjoyment.

AMD FreeSync™ For Intense Gaming

AMD FreeSync™ technology eliminates image tearing, broken frames, and choppy gameplay for incredibly fluid gaming.

Pure Native Video Format Support

Widely supporting 24p, 25p, and 30p cinematic frame rates natively, E series transports you to a personal cinema for an authentic movie-going experience without distortion from pulldown artifacting.

Super Resolution

E series can simulate high resolution images by increasing pixel density of video content for enhanced image quality.

Caring for Your Eyes
Industry-Leading Eye-Care Technology

BenQ exclusive eye-care technologies reduce eye fatigue for user comfort, enhanced productivity, and workplace safety during extended use.

Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology

BenQ’s unique Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology brilliantly detects ambient light levels and the color temperature in your viewing environment to automatically adjust on-screen brightness and color temperature for your viewing comfort. Your contents on the screen don’t get overexposed while enhancing details in dark areas to maintain a visible level of clarity and intensity.

Reduce Eye Strain in any Lighting Environment

The ambient light sensor detects ambient light levels and the color temperature in your viewing environment, automatically adjusting on-screen brightness and color temperature to fit your surroundings.

It also gradually adjusts brightness based on one’s usage time. This offers the best display quality for users’ viewing comfort, preventing eye strain and protecting your eyes after you watch monitors for hours.

Colors Stay Original for Picture Perfect Content

Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology detect your screen content and balance display color, ensuring that bright scenes don’t get overexposed while dark areas maintain a visible level of clarity. It keeps the most authentic picture quality and details.

Low Blue Light Plus Technology

Low Blue Light Plus Technology filters out the shorter, higher energy blue-violet radiation (420~455nm) which is harmful to the eyes while the remaining beneficial blue turquoise light (455~480nm) remains. The blue spectrum light produced by regular computer screens is a leading cause of eye fatigue. BenQ's E series comes equipped to help prevent the eye fatigue associated with blue spectrum light. With adjustable low blue light levels, you can increase your viewing comfort especially after long hours of usage.

4 user scenario modes offered through Low Blue Light Plus Technology are tailor-designed to bring the highest image quality and healthiest viewing experience for a wide array of user behavior.

Standard Mode

Entertainment Mode

Office Mode