Can I use my projector to watch Netflix?


Yes. It is possible to watch Netflix using one of these methods:

1. Use your own laptop’s (Windows/Chrome/MacOS) Chrome browser to stream Netflix, then wirelessly cast it to your projector.    

Make sure both your projector and the laptop are connected to the same wireless network using either WLAN (Wi-Fi) or mobile hotspot mode, then click/activate the "Wireless Projection" app on the home screen before casting. 


2. View using a streaming box or other device 

Watch with an Apple TV / set-top box / gaming console / laptop connected to your projector with an HDMI cable. 


Please note that: 

(1) You CANNOT cast Netflix onto your projector via mobile device because of copyright protection policies.

(2) There are many apps that can be manually installed from Google Play that allow you to watch Netflix. Please follow these recommended viewing procedures.  

(*quality of service and level of technical support for apps that are installed from Google Play are entirely subject to the respective app’s publishers.)

Applicable Models

GV30, GV30, TK700STi, TK850i

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