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Pro Cinema Projector with 4K,THX,100% Rec.709 | W11000H

  • 4K UHD with Razor-Sharp True 8.3 Million Pixel Detail

  • HDR Support Enhances Distinct Clarity

  • THX Certification for Guaranteed Superb Cinematic Performance

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2018-07-23 techAU

BenQ W11000H 4K Projector

When you're selecting a projector for your home theatre, often we're restricted by budget. But what if you're not? What would be the ultimate projector to have in your small screen cinema at home? Introducing the BenQ W11000H, a massive 4K projector that's packed with features and ready to send movies, games and really whatever you want, in the very best quality to the biggest wall you have available.

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Joshua Holko

BenQ W11000H 4K UHD THX DLP Projector Review (Part One)

It isn’t too often you read a projector review on a photographic website but projectors actually have a lot of applications in the photographic industry and over the last couple of years I have found an increasing need and use for projection in my print workshops (as well as using projectors to display photographs to friends in my own home). As a result, I recently updated the projector I had been using and wanted to share my findings on the upgrade as well as comment on how projection technology has matured over recent years in light of this recent upgrade; and lastly how you might utilise projection in your own home to better display your photography.

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Joshua Holko

BenQ W11000H 4K UHD THX DLP Projector Review (Part Two)

When BenQ offered me the opportunity to review their brand new top of the range 4K UHD THX certified projector I literally jumped at the opportunity. Not only was I keen to see how it compared to the Marantz VP11-S1 I had been using in my cinema for better part of the last decade (see part one of this article) but I was as keen as mustard to see what sort of advantage 4k UHD would offer over high end 1080p presentation in a room and space I was intimately familiar with. I was even more keen to see how I could take advantage of the increased resolution to even better display photographs in my home (skip forward to the conclusion if you want an immediate answer).

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