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Tainted Minds Announce Partnership with BenQ ZOWIE for 2018

A joint statement between BenQ ZOWIE and Tainted Minds


Sydney, Australia 9th January, 2018 – We are incredibly excited to announce that Tainted Minds have partnered with leading peripheral manufacturer BenQ ZOWIE.

 "When we first started Tainted Minds, there were a few standout companies that we listed as goals to be partnered with and BenQ ZOWIE was one of the top ones. All of our players over the years have always used BenQ products and now their elite ZOWIE range is the highest standard for gaming hardware and would constantly ask us to reach out to them to try the latest monitor or mouse. Today we couldn't be happier to announce our partnership with BenQ ZOWIE who continue to lead the charge for innovation and superior products in the gaming space." - Nicholas 'Sav' Bobir, Founder & CEO at Tainted Minds

 BenQ ZOWIE have been a huge supporter of local esports in the region in 2017 through their assistance of professional teams, supporting local internet cafes and hosting a regional qualifier for the BenQ ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND Esports tournament. Through this partnership we look to take this to a whole new level in 2018 and we can't wait to unveil our plans together.

“As a widely recognised team within the Australian Esports community, Tainted Minds have consistently demonstrated their ability to remain a top-tier contender across multiple esports titles. Since 2013, Tainted Minds have grown their organization, competing with teams across CS:GO, Call of Duty, Rocket League and PUBG, as well as expanding their line-up of talented content creators among their line-up of competitive esports professionals. We are very happy to announce this partnership with Tainted Minds for our ZOWIE esports range, and looking forward to joining the Tainted family in 2018.“ – Dan Natoli, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, BenQ.

Since its inception in 2008, ZOWIE, now the premium esports division of BenQ, has focused on the development of competitive gaming products suitable for professional gamers.

BenQ ZOWIE have amassed a large portfolio of products that will tailor to your gaming preference. Whether you're a twitch reaction shooter playing Counter-Strike, an Overwatch slayer, strategic League of Legends player or a Call of Duty fiend, BenQ ZOWIE have everything you need to enhance your experience.

Tainted Minds recommend the BenQ ZOWIE 240Hz range in the XL2546 and XL2540 for high performance games such as Counter-Strike and Overwatch to ensure the highest quality gameplay experience in-game, as long as your PC’s specs can support such a high frame rate. For all other PC titles, including PUBG and MOBA titles, we recommend either the XL2430 or the XL2411P for the best performance. For console gaming, we recommend the BenQ ZOWIE RL Series RL2455 or RL2460 to ensure the highest performance and sharpest response time in Call of Duty, FIFA, Halo, Street Fighter, or any competitive console title. For our content creators and more casual gamers, we also recommend checking out any of the 27” monitors BenQ ZOWIE has to offer across the range. BenQ ZOWIE also have an extensive range of esports peripherals, including mice, keyboard, mousepad, cable management & external audio systems, each designed for high-performance gaming. For more information on the ZOWIE Esports range, check out the full Esports range here.

Tainted Minds will represent BenQ ZOWIE for the first time this weekend at CWL New Orleans on January 12-14th.

Be sure to stay connected with Tainted Minds (@TaintedOrg) and BenQ ZOWIE (@ZOWIEBenQANZ) on Twitter. For keeping up to date with Tainted Minds, check out our website.