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ZOWIE Announces New VITAL External Audio System for eSports

ZOWIE Announces New VITAL External Audio System for eSports


Sydney, Australia, Oct 31, 2016 – In Professional eSports, the correct use of sound-play, or the identification of sounds in your surroundings, is one of the most important sources of information when playing any competitive game. BenQ ZOWIE is proud to announce the ZOWIE VITAL Audio System as a solution to achieve clear and consistent sound at home and in any tournament setting.

Professional gamers bring their own gaming gear to tournaments and events, and now with the compact ZOWIE Vital Audio System it is possible to conveniently carry your sound settings from home to tournaments and events. However, even with the same settings, the sound quality needs to be adjusted in different environments with different background noises. The ZOWIE VITAL Audio System’s intuitive touch panel allows players to adjust the volume, bass, treble and microphone volume at any time, without the need to make changes in Windows or on the Control Panel, and without any need for drivers, which ensures that players can get the same sound quality with ease.

Convenience is important, but it should be accompanied by sound fidelity. The ZOWIE VITAL Audio System upgrades the system output to make sure there is enough information from the sound on every computer and allows gamers to have a wider range of headphone impedance without sacrificing performance.

Communication is a key point in any competitive team-based game. The ZOWIE VITAL Audio System has an independent Analog-to-Digital conversion for the microphone to ensure that teammates hear your voice more clearly.

The ZOWIE VITAL External Audio System allows your headset and speakers to remain connected at the same time, allowing players to alternate between headset and speaker mode with one button click on the touch panel to provide the highest level of convenience.

1. Increased performance in sound and voice quality through use of the ZOWIE VITAL Audio System.

2. Touch panel for the easy adjustment of volume, bass, treble and voice at the touch of a button, while in-game.

3. 360-degree sound play in competitive FPS games, allowing easy identification of sounds in your surroundings, giving players a more immersive experience.

4. Connect both speakers and headphones together into the Audio System. Touch panel allows easy switching between the Speakers and Headphones.

5. Plug and play, with driverless design.

For more information on the VITAL, check out the product’s page on the official ZOWIE website.

The new ZOWIE VITAL Audio System is now available from most official ZOWIE partners. For updates on product availability, be sure to stay tuned to the retailers’ webpages as well as our own Facebook ( and Twitter ( profiles.