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BenQ ZOWIE Launches the World's First Native 240Hz PC e-Sports Monitor

All New BenQ ZOWIE e-Sports Monitors - XL2540 with Native 240Hz Refresh Rate & XL2735 with Exclusive DyAc Technology


BenQ ZOWIE Launches the World's First Native 240Hz PC e-Sports Monitor

XL2540 for the Smoothest Experience in Game


All New e-Sports Gaming Monitors by BenQ ZOWIE

XL2540 with Native 240Hz Refresh Rate & XL2735 with Exclusive DyAc Technology 


Sydney, Australia, February 2nd, 2017 – Towards the end of 2016, we first announced our new e-Sports monitors, the XL2540 and XL2735, providing additional means for fulfilment of the individual gaming experience. We at BenQ ZOWIE are excited to officially launch the XL2540 at the product's official Launch Event, to be held in Sydney this February. 


The launch event will highlight BenQ ZOWIE's latest addition to their XL series - the new 24.5" FHD PC e-Sports monitor, the XL2540. The XL2540 is the first Monitor on the market to introduce the native 240Hz refresh rate, delivering a whole new level to the gameplay experience, facilitating the ability to render over 240 frames per second (FPS), and providing experienced smoothness in-game. 


Another highlight is the XL2735 - a 27" WQHD PC e-Sports monitor crafted with exclusive Dynamic Accuracy Technology that is designed to maintain remarkable clarity and provide a smoother gameplay experience during in-game movement at 144Hz. 


Both the XL2540 and XL2735 come with the detachable ZOWIE Shield that is designed to minimize distractions behind the monitor and an LCD frame that is specially designed to reduce light reflection from the screen to ensure the better gaming experience.


The XL2540 and XL2735 also share the same quality features that remain the core of the ZOWIE eSports brand; Black eQualizer, which increases visibility in dark areas, without overexposing the bright areas. The S Switch, which grants players easy access to the monitor settings and also allows for one touch switching between saved modes. Improvements to the S Switch now include built-in memory to transport your saved settings between compatible monitors. Color Vibrance offers flexibility to decide colour performance with 20 steps of vibrance. The Height Adjustable Stand can easily adjust the height of the monitor to the player’s preferred viewing angle and maximising the player's comfort. 


BenQ ZOWIE's XL series features the premiere monitors for PC e-Sports, and has been adopted worldwide by most professional e-Sports tournaments and players. With your persistence to win, backed by the exclusive features of the XL series, you will be armed to compete in first-person shooters at the highest level.


BenQ ZOWIE also offers a select range of peripherals from Mice & Mousepad, to Audio System to Cable Management Device, all of which will be on display at the BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 Launch Event. Combining the core competences of BenQ and ZOWIE, BenQ ZOWIE strives to provide innovations that truly enhance player performance and enjoyment across the entire product range. 


BenQ ZOWIE's newest XL2540 and XL2735 are available now at selected resellers and are priced at $699 & $899 respectively. For more information on BenQ ZOWIE line of products visit