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Monitors / Video Enjoyment Monitor / EL2870U / Reviews

4k Gaming Monitor with HDR, Multi-Device Connectivity and AMD FreeSync for Gamer|EL2870U

  • 28 inch LED UHD

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)

  • Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology

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Quotes from Media and Tech Reviewers about EL2870U

The 28” has 1ms grey-to-grey response time and a native 60Hz refresh rate. It supports AMD Freeysync to 60Hz. it is good for a good casual gamer and a mid-range Radeon GPU but not a serious e-sports gamer.

-Gadget Guy

“You also get a pretty incredible 1ms response time, which is a premium that gamers will reveal in but most wont notice. When you combine that its FreeSync capabilities you’ve got a very nice little series of hidden add ons where, for those they apply to, will greatly appreciate.”

- Raj Deut

“BenQ EL2870U, however, does support 4K resolution and it does make me smile when I can change a game’s settings to this. . A few PC games support HDR too but you’ll get more value out of this monitor if you also hook it with your PS4 Pro or Xbox One as there are more titles supporting HDR on these platforms.”

- Michael Aulia