Monitors / Stylish Monitor / GW2780T and Screenbar | Eye-care Solutions Package

GW2780T and Screenbar | Eye-care Solutions Package

  • Height Adjustable Eye-Care Monitor with 27-inch & Brightness Intelligence | GW2780T

  • BenQ ScreenBar LED Monitor Light with Auto-Dimming and Hue Adjustment Features, USB Powered Office Lamp

GW2780T and Screenbar | Eye-care Solutions Package

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Digital Learning Bundle
Perfect for your Everyday Needs

Reports, assignments, or just casual browsing can result in countless hours of staring at the monitor. Don't settle for less, and always choose the right tools for the best and most comfortable viewing experience.

Computer Monitor Screenbar
The Perfect Partner for your Eye-care Monitor

Eliminate the discomfort and relieve eye strain with sufficient lighting.

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