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35 inch WQHD HDR 100Hz Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor with Eye-care Technology | EX3501R

  • Panoramic Entertainment in 35” screen and 3440x1440 resolution with 1800R curvature

  • HDR for Video Performance

  • USB-C™ One-Cable Connectivity


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"The BenQ EW3270U is not only a powerful 4K/HDR monitor, it has built-in technology to minimize eye strain and fatigue while producing glorious, accurate images and media.”

- Michael Sheehan,

"If you are in the market for an HDR-capable 4K monitor for your PC, 4K HDR console, and your MacBook, the BenQ EW3270U is one of the best choices you can consider."

- Paulo Reva,

"BenQ's EW3270U is an outstanding all-purpose monitor and has everything you can ask for in a high end monitor."


"The BenQ EX3501R will set you back about $1000, which is a pretty significant figure. What you’re getting is a beautiful monitor that shines under any circumstance. It aids productivity with its ultrawide screen and looks absolutely phenomenal when gaming thanks to its quality colours and brightness/contrast."

-Press Start

"Personally I want this mounted on my office wall, it's a brilliant display for the price, accommodating every task you throw at it, from productivity to entertainment, this display does the job and it does it incredibly well."


"The BenQ EX3501R is a terrific display monitor, especially when you need dual screens in one perfectly sized monitor (with a great aspect ratio to boot!). Perfect for work involving Photoshop or other creative suites"

-Women Love Tech