How Smart Projectors Make Your School Announcements Better with X-Sign Broadcast
  • BenQ
  • 2021-12-14

Schools function as places of learning but also much more. 

They’re communities. And, as such, the sharing of different kinds of information is essential. Not just within classrooms, but across the entire school, covering faculty and students.


Keeping everyone up to date on school info, events, and important dates is imperative, and doing so well fosters a stronger sense of belonging among members of the community. Traditional public announcement systems based on radio have been around for over a century, but now they’re largely supplanted by digital technology that employs flat panel interactive displays, digital signage, wireless data, and Bluetooth speakers among others, with a big focus on attractive text and video as opposed to droning spoken messages. 

Integrated into the new generation of digital and wireless announcement systems are smart projectors from BenQ. Located within classrooms, these can easily showcase any message transmitted throughout the school on a big screen in-class. Smart projectors complement the display boards and signage found in public areas like hallways and the cafeteria, bringing announcements into classrooms.

What is X-Sign Broadcast and What are its Benefits?

X-Sign Broadcast software operates as a web-based transmission system with a strong emphasis on audio-visual content. It allows IT staff, school administrators, and teachers to quickly share messages and announcements in a very targeted manner. Messages may go to one class, the entire school, or even the whole district, all from a centralized and intuitive user interface. 

In addition to remote message delivery, announcements can be scheduled, tagged for groups of displays and with interrupt mode, which means they’ll override all other broadcasts. That’s very helpful for urgent messaging or emergencies.

The best part about X-Sign Broadcast is that there are no specific costs associated with it, and even the admin or IT time spent on creating and sending messages is minimal, as it’s easy to upload content from local storage or the cloud. Share text, images, audio, YouTube videos and so much more with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Types of Messages X-Sign Broadcast is Great For

Boost the community vibe at your school and beyond by keeping everyone aware of activities, news, and other developments. X-Sign Broadcast may be used to share any type of message, but from talking with customers we know that the following are especially popular among schools: 

General School Announcements

General announcements and urgent notices of exam times and regulations, for example reminders that a certain exam will be 90 minutes with no bathroom breaks.


Live Streaming of Principal's Speech or School Events

Messages from the principal welcoming students on the first day of school, warm wishes before a holiday, and a “see you next year” when summer break begins or congratulating students about to graduate.


Grouped message to different classrooms/campuses

Event and activity announcements during lunch break, especially those related to cultural events, sports, and fun activities like concerts, birthday parties, and more.


How to Use X-Sign on BenQ Smart Projectors

Guide to Using X-Sign Broadcast on BenQ Smart Projectors

Check the following video for a complete guide to setting up X-Sign Broadcast and adding a BenQ smart projector to its paired device list: 

Fully wireless and integrated into school networks, BenQ smart projectors are compatible with X-Sign Broadcast and can display any of the messages described above in bright and clear large screen format. Sound is also not a problem thanks to very capable built-in speakers. With long-life BenQ smart projectors schools don’t need to invest in redundant, costly hardware. Once the projector is in a classroom there’s no need to also buy a flat screen display, as the projector can handle educational duties and announcements with ease. Doubling as classroom signage, a smart projector is a very handy way to reduce purchase costs without sacrificing functionality and coverage.

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