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Commercial, Fashion, Celebrity Photographer / Netherlands

Frank Doorhof grew up in a family of enthusiastic amateur photo- and videographers. He started teaching photography at a very young age. The motto of his teaching is making great photography approachable to everyone.​

Fashion & celebrity photographer Frank Doorhof, also Kelby ONE instructor teaches workshops model photography worldwide. His bestseller “Mastering the Model Shoot” has been translated in many languages like Chinese and Dutch.

Frank learns you all about lighting, because if you know what light does, you can control it, everywhere and always. Frank shoots big flash, small flash and led. He released more than 11 instructional video’s about model photography (inside, on location, glamour, light meter, creativity and much more) but also about street and travel photography. He also made a few presets for his favorite retouching software.

Frank is very active on social media. He vlogs daily with reviews and tips about photography. Every month he broadcasts a free, live photoshoot from his studio in Emmeloord: “The Digital Classroom”

In 2019 Frank wrote “Fotograferen in elke situatie “. On how to take kick ass shots in every location, big or small complete with tips and tricks how to build your (home) studio and photography business. Of course, a big part is about lighting. Franks motto is “Why fake it when you can create it” so why use Photoshop when you shoot it right in camera. He also recorded a Dutch tutorial for academy about control your photoshoot.

A lot of celebrities like to work with Frank and have been in his studio. Because Frank knows how light behaves, he doesn’t need much time.

Besides an ambassador for selected brands Frank has his own Frank Doorhof Flashbender (Expo Imaging, USA) and will introduce the Frank Doorhof backdrops in corporation with Click Props Backdrops (UK). He, Annewiek and son Brian run the Tether Tools distribution for the Netherlands because Frank is also a Tether Tools ambassador.