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Creative Professionals

Creativity truly needs one’s concentration. However, eye-strain, headache, blurred vision…all these syndromes are surely disturbing. Imagine that you are only one step away from your greatest work, but suddenly such discomforts occur to you. As a matter of fact, the above problems are related to staring at monitors for too long. BenQ takes creative professionals’ concerns into consideration, developing the advanced eye-care solutions to offer the most comfortable working experience without sacrificing picture details and quality.

Flicker Eliminator to Protect

Flashing lights make people anxious, irritated and distressed, and therefore we tend to escape from blinking light sources. However, the fact is that conventional LCD screens flicker at the rate of 250 times per second. Since flickers are not perceivable to naked eyes, we let flicker cause extreme stress to eyes carelessly.

With Flicker-Free technology

Without Flicker-Free technology


As a matter of fact, if one works with monitors for 8 hours a days, one’s eyes perceive 5.8 million times of flicker. This leads to eye strain and even impair one’s eyesight. BenQ’s monitors developed exclusive Flicker-free technology, certified by international TÜV Rheinland, to eliminate the main cause for monitor flicker. BenQ aims to professionally protect your eyes, offering everyone who spends much time watching monitors a chance to use eyes at ease. Users are offered a chance to enjoy video entertainment without compromise on eyes health or display quality.

Intelligent Display Modifier for Eye Comfort

When one works for long hours and focuses on ideas and designs, it is often neglected that ambient light is an important factor influencing one’s viewing experiences. This is because strong differences in ambient light and the light from display can cause eye strain. As in bright environment, eyes need to work harder to avoid the glare caused by reflection. On the other hand, when one has a very bright display in a dimly lit room, his or her eyes use more energy to focus. As time passes, one encounters eye strain whenever they watch monitors; some might even face more severe problems like headaches and blurred vision, interfering your great creativity.

BenQ’s exclusive Brightness Intelligence (B.I.) Technology and Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.Plus) Technology are the smartest screen modifier, which automatically adjusts the display quality to best fit your surroundings, offering the best thrilling enjoyment without harming your eyes.

Reduce Eye Strain in any Lighting Environment

The ambient light sensor detects ambient light levels in your viewing environment, automatically adjusting on-screen brightness to fit your surroundings. Further, the ambient light sensor in Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology can also detect color temperature and automatically adjust. It also gradually adjusts brightness based on one’s usage time. This offers the best display quality for users’ viewing comfort, preventing eye strain and protecting your eyes after you watch monitors for hours.

Colors Stay Original for Picture Perfect Content

Brightness Intelligence and Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology detect your screen content and balance display color, ensuring that bright scenes don’t get overexposed while dark areas maintain a visible level of clarity. It keeps the most authentic picture quality and details.

Brightness Intelligence Technology

With BenQ Brightness Intelligence Technology, the ambient sensor senses the amount of ambient light in your viewing environment and automatically adjusts the most comfortable and suitable screen brightness to match your surroundings without sacrificing the image quality of your beloved content.

Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology

BenQ’s unique Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology brilliantly detects not only ambient light levels but also color temperature in your viewing environment to automatically adjust on-screen brightness and color temperature for your viewing comfort. Your contents on the screen don’t get overexposed while enhancing details in dark areas to maintain a visible level of clarity and intensity.

Blue Light Filter with Perfect Quality

We discover the world easily because of the existence of light, which is divided into visible light (420nm~780nm) and invisible light (infrared light >780nm or ultraviolet light <420 nm).

Invisible light can be prevented simply; on the other hand, since visible light enters the retina, it causes damages to eyes much more easily. As we now live in a multi-screen world, blue light, the most powerful visible light, is especially considered hazardous to eyes. When one uses monitors for hours, screen light enters one’s eyes, causing impact on macula of retina due to strong blue light, which could eventually lead to eye-related diseases.

BenQ designs two types of technologies to protect the eye health of creative professionals who rely much on monitors. BenQ Low Blue Light Technology removes blue light (420nm~480mm) for reducing damage to eye. And BenQ Low Blue Light Plus Technology filters harmful radiation (420nm~455mm) specifically to reduce damage while maintaining picture quality without color shift in yellow shade.

Standard Mode

Entertainment Mode

Office Mode

Darkroom Mode

Low Blue Light Technology

Blue-violet radiation is harmful to our eyes. BenQ Low Blue Light Technology is designed to filter out the blue light, effectively diminishing eye fatigue and irritation and bringing viewing comfort.

Low Blue Light Plus Technology

BenQ Low Blue Light Plus Technology can filter out harmful radiation while remaining beneficial blue turquoise light (455nm~480nm). Low Blue Light Plus technology offers 4 tailor-made scenario modes to bring the highest image quality and healthiest viewing experience.