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Gabriel Biderman
Fine art photographer / USA

Gabriel is a travel and self-taught fine art photographer, who has been exploring the night topography for over 20 years.

As a professional travel photographer, Gabriel loves the “process” of creating the image and pushing the limits to what we can do when we capture time for seconds, minutes, or even hours! He is well versed in both film and digital, and he enjoys blending the surreal look of the night to enhance historic and urban landscapes. His work has been exhibited in NY, London, San Francisco, and Hawaii and he is also the author (with Tim Cooper) of the recently released book Night Photography – From Snapshots to Great Shots.

Gabriel moved to Brooklyn 15 years ago and started working as a fine art printer, but with the onslaught of digital, those opportunities became scarce. Soon after that, he was hired by a small mom and pop photo store called B&H. For the last 12 years, Gabriel has been representing B&H at various workshops, trade shows, and seminars - taking pictures all along the way from Paris, France to Paris, Texas!

One thing that he has learnt along the way is how much I enjoy sharing his night visions with others. And he gets an absolute thrill when one of our students has the "Ah-ha" moment. Isn’t it wonderful?

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