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Bert Monroy BenQ Design Expert Ambassador
Colby Brown
Digital Fine Artist, Illustrator, Teacher, Author / USA

Bert Monroy is a painter that switched his medium to digital in 1984. He is internationally known for his photo-realistic paintings. His skills and attention to detail have rendered some of the most striking images in the digital art world.

Bert travels the world over teaching the techniques he has developed over the years. He has appeared on hundreds of TV shows and hosted two weekly podcasts with close to 200 episodes each. Bert also teaches many corporate clients that include Pixar Animation, Disney Animation, Mayo Clinic, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle and Lockheed/Martin. His work has been profiled in hundreds of magazines and books. Bert has been instrumental in the development of many of the tools he uses, including Photoshop, for which he co-authored the first book ever written.

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