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Display Pilot | BenQ Monitor Software

  • To simplify workflows and make design work more convenient and flexible

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 and macOS :10.14/10.15/11(Currently not support the Apple M1 platform)

  • Version: Windows: V2.1.78.0/ Mac:V1.0.7.2


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  • What is AQCOLOR?
  • What is uniformity technology?
  • Can I use USB-C to charge my MacBook Pro?
  • What is the purpose of the USB-C port?
  • What is Delta E?
  • How does Display Pilot facilitate your use of a BenQ DesignVue monitor?
  • What are ICC Profile and ICC Sync?
  • What are the benefits that P3 color space offers?
  • What are the benefits of the Hotkey Puck?
  • Why is a 21:9 aspect ratio especially suitable for video editing? How to use split screen on my BenQ ultra-wide Designer monitor? How does KVM switch function? How do I set the right resolution for 16:9 + 5:9 when in PBP mode? When I use the PBP mode, why can’t the monitor display the correct aspect ratio after I’ve used the correct resolution for each partition? What is Image Sticking and How to clean it?
  • What are ICC Profile and ICCsync?
  • According to the International Color Consortium (ICC), ICC profile is a set of data that characterizes a color input or output device. The profiles typically describe the color attributes of a particular device by defining the mapping between the device source and a profile connection space.

    The ICCsync simplifies the whole ICC profile mapping process. Once ICCsync is activated, designers no longer need to adjust the operating system's ICC profile every time they want to switch to a different color gamut.

  • Is Display Pilot compatible with all BenQ monitors?
  • No only DesignVue series could use Display Pilot.

    Please refer to compatible models here

  • How to edit a customized layout?
  • Click the icon "x" on the upper right corner of "create" layout and then you can create a new one again by selecting a template, editing to your preferred layout and saving it.

  • Why I still can open Display Pilot and see the information of "Display" & "System" when I'm using non-compatible models?
  • It will show these 2 messages even though you're not using our compatible models. (Mac version only shows "system" in non-compatible models ). However, Display Pilot can only function in compatible models. 

  • What's the difference between choosing "cancel" and "never show again" on auto-update notice?
  • If you select "cancel," the notice would pop out again 6 days later. If you select "never show again," the notice would never show again. If you want to be notified again, turn on "auto update notice" again after you've turned them off.

  • What is the required OS to install the Display Pilot?
  • Please refer to "Download" page for more details.