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Monitors / Gaming Monitor / EX3415R / Reviews

MOBIUZ 1ms 144Hz Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor | EX3415R

  • 34" 3440x1440 QHD 21:9 HDR IPS Gaming Monitor

  • HDRi and true sound audio by treVolo deliver immersion

  • 1ms MPRT and AMD FreeSync™ Premium for smooth gameplay



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  • Expert Reviews
The Techne EX3415R review
The Techne Review

I enjoyed it i loved sitting in front of it. Using this ultra wide it brought back that passion for pc gaming again scooping up more story games and primarily playing because it's that immersive and that enjoyable. This monitor did it as far as the settings the colors but all in all in ultra wide.

 SimRacing604 review EX3415R

SimRacing604 Review

The image quality is fantastic i really love the color, the hdr modes and the performance as well just ties it all nicely together 144 hertz 1 ms response time really made the gaming experience excellent, having these shadows get really really dark and the sounds are phenomenal i'm so impressed that they packed all in this unit.