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Monitors / Gaming Monitor / EX2510 / Reviews

BenQ MOBIUZ 1ms IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor | EX2510

  • 24.5" (FHD) 144Hz IPS 1ms (MPRT) HDRi + treVolo with Light Tuner™

  • MOBIUZ with best image and sound immersive gaming experience

  • 1ms MPRT and FreeSync™ Premium for smooth gameplay



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  • Expert Reviews
Too Much Tech's Review

I will pick this over a TN panel all day. Great performance in terms of the motion blur and the color. You do have that added value with the built-in speaker as well. And then the design is pretty decent.

GregglesTV's Review

Thinking about the future of what gaming is bringing with these newer consoles with those high refresh rates, this monitor will be able to take advantage of it.

ProdiJay's Review

Although this isn’t 4K, this will let you play your game at 120Hz if you get a next-gen console. Plus the color accuracy from the IPS panel is gonna look sick with the new titles coming out.

“The BenQ EX2710 MOBIUZ is an excellent all-around gaming monitor, and some players may even benefit from the vibrant lighting.”

–Whitney Meers

"The monitor is great for competitive gaming and is on-par with some of the best Fast-IPS monitors we’ve reviewed”

– Paolo Reva