BenQ Boards Integrate With Curipod

Spark Discussions and Unparalleled Engagement With Curipod and BenQ Boards — The Secure, Software-Agnostic Smart Board With Premium Interactive Features That Make Learning Fun and Exciting


COSTA MESA, Calif. — May 3, 2023 — BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions, is ensuring that teachers are able to access the apps and software they rely on in the classroom with BenQ Boards. The BenQ smart boards integrate with Curipod, an AI-powered interactive presentation tool for making lessons. With this app, available directly from the BenQ Board, teachers can quickly create interactive lessons that drive new levels of student participation and engagement.


“BenQ Boards don’t require costly and limited third-party software that teachers must learn how to use in order to generate interactivity. Teachers have the freedom to use the apps and software they already use and love, so they can get started immediately and with unlimited possibilities,” said Bob Wudeck, senior director of business development at BenQ Education. “They can even leverage Curipod’s incredible AI-based learning platform from their BenQ Board. The BenQ Board and Curipod combo will transform the classroom, saving educators hours of work while significantly accelerating classroom participation, engagement, and progress.”


Curipod Sparks Discussions and Promotes Student Voices

Curipod is an interactive slide presentation tool and lesson builder. Educators can create a full lesson in 10 seconds and create traditional slides with bullet points, text, and images, as well as content that students can interact with, including polls, word clouds, open-ended questions, drawings, and Q&A slides. The AI-powered platform will also auto-generate lessons based on topic and age level and give automatic feedback on open-ended questions. Once teachers have made their slides, they can share the link with students via a QR code on the classroom’s BenQ Board.


“Curipod is designed to make interactivity completely effortless, so teachers can inspire and tap into creative problem solving that the future of learning requires,” said Jens Aarre Seip, Curipod co-founder and CEO. “The BenQ Board unlocks even more possibilities. From signing into complementary interactive features, the combo of Curipod and BenQ Board is ingenious.”


BenQ and Curipod — A Speedy, Proven Way to Generate Interactivity

Leveraging the BenQ Board single-sign-on (SSO) technology, teachers can sign into any BenQ smart board in their network to access their apps, software, cloud accounts, screen preferences, and settings. Teachers will feel supported from the first moment with BenQ’s Tap ‘N Teach technology. With a single tap of an NFC card on the board, educators are instantly logged into all their resources, including Curipod, so they can focus on teaching. Using the BenQ Board, they can present and continue the discussion with the superior whiteboard and annotation features. By utilizing the display’s slit-screen window function, educators can run Curipod and other apps, websites, or files side by side for a super-charged discussion and seamless classroom experience.


BenQ Ensures Security Best Practices

Identity management is a crucial aspect of technology integration in schools, and using a BenQ Board set up with Curipod is a simple and secure way to ensure teachers have what they need to do their best. Every BenQ Board can be integrated into Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure, or Google Workspace systems. Then using BenQ’s SSO technology, administrators simply link Curipod directly to each teacher’s BenQ Board account so they can immediately access the platform with a single tap. This eliminates the need for teachers to remember multiple usernames and passwords, saving valuable time. This also ensures the security of sensitive information stored on network and cloud drives.


More information is available on the BenQ Education website.


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About BenQ Education
BenQ Education is helping teachers shape the future of learning with interactive display solutions that maximize engagement in and out of the classroom while improving student performance. For over 10 years, BenQ has been the No.1-selling TI DLP projector brand worldwide, according to Futuresource, and is one of the leading interactive display vendors in North America. The award-winning BenQ Board is the first and only interactive display to feature TÜV and SIAA-certified germ-resistant screens, interfaces, and pens as part of its purpose-built ClassroomCare technologies designed for healthier classrooms. The BenQ Board RP03 Series has been recognized as the first smart board to achieve Eyesafe® Certification, the advanced blue light mitigation technology developed in concert with optometrists and ophthalmologists. Industry-recognized, BenQ’s Tap and Teach technology for fast sign-on, EZWrite license-free annotation and whiteboard software, InstaShare wireless screen presentation system, and IT-friendly monitoring and management tools create exciting and intuitive active learning experiences. EZWrite 6 is also AWS Qualified, having passed Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review (FTR), providing schools with assurance in security, reliability, and operational excellence. Educators can focus on giving lessons that leave an impact and give the leaders of tomorrow the tools they need to reach their maximum potential.​ The company’s products are available across North America through leading value-added distributors, resellers, and retailers. More information is available on the BenQ Education website.